Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blessing/Car Accidents

Two stories to tell you this time around. I'll start with Blessing

~ I was at the Christian Light bookstore on Saturday and had a $10.00 off coupon. This made me excited because I really wanted a new CD, however, I decided to bless my sister instead. I knew she liked Point of Grace back in the day so I got their new CD. When I let her know that I got her the CD, her works were "eww I don't like them". I was thinking you have got to be kidding me. Well, I decided to put the CD in to listen to it and the 4th song on the CD brought me to tears, while driving lol. It just hit home and I though, my isn't God good like that. Here I bought something for someone else to be blessed but in return He decided to bless me. My sister has changed her mind since then and wants it put on her IPod. :)

Ok second think is car accidents

~ I was just in one. The officer said no one was at fault because of how it took place (basically we pulled out at the same time, though I was CLEARLY in the lane before she was...another story). My front drivers side is smashed up, poor lil Yota (my Toyota) has been through a lot. I'm not hurt and I'm thankful for that but man I'm annoyed. Why did it have to happen? I was just leaving the mall because I was GOING to see Seth but plans changed and so I decided to make my way home. If I had just waited ONE more min it wouldn't have taken place. So I don't get it, why?? Maybe it is to teach the other driver something or maybe one day, I'll understand but as of right now I'm out a $250 deductible!! (which AGAIN, she should be paying!!). Oh well, $250 or my life right? It could have been WAY worse. She was in a Jeep liberty and they can do damage to a little car like mine. Still - I wish God would whisper the reason :o)

Well those are my two exciting stories as of right now. Nothing new is going on. I'm enjoying this weather and life (besides the accident). Life is pleasant right now.

LOVE YOU GUYS!! .... Stay tuned for more interesting stories.