Sunday, May 17, 2009


I don't think I have ever taken in so much information nor had so many emotions as I did on my trip to Canada. As some of you know, an unfortunate situation happened and my 2 nieces and my nephew were put in a foster home. My parents are in the process of getting custody/adopting them and it's a HUGE step for all of us. I have been the primary "spokesperson", if you want to call it that, since the beginning of all of this. At first I was all about it and now, I have my concerns. My concerns do not overshadow the love I have for these three kids though. I mean they didn't ask to be in the situation they are in right now (no kid usually does). It's going to be a hard road (which we've known from the start) but I know our family can show them so much love and what a family is truly made of. The only problem we are now facing is the "political" aspect of it all. What I mean by that is how the Canadian government will work with the American government. It could go great and we get them with no problem or the other way around. That part we just have to leave in God's hands.

Going back to when I said concerns, I mean the emotional baggage that is coming along with these little ones. It breaks my heart when I hear what they have been through and what goes on in their heads. It takes a lot of emotion out of you because you can't treat these kids like you would someone else. I mean to a degree you can and should but because of where they have come from and what "situations" they have been in, you have to change your mind to think in a different way (if that makes any sense). I know my God is a big God though and with time, love and structure, I really believe they will come out of this situation fantastic people.

I needed to take a breath and really understand that I can't control what's going to happen. Which, I know that, but sometimes I wish I could just know the future. My family is being so supportive and that in itself is a HUGE blessing! I have a good feeling no matter what happens next, it's all going to be alright. No matter how tough it gets.

So as of right now the next step is to have the kids come and visit in July. We have a lot of fun things planned and it will be nice to see them in "our environment". Once that time comes around, I will let you know how it's going!!

Thank you for all your prayers and please keep them coming. This process is LONG from over!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hidey Ho

Long time no talk! Ok so I'm getting prepared to go to Canada. I've decided to make the best of the trip. I might not be happy with myself right now but that doesn't mean I can't change that fact into a positive one!

I'm kind of sad because I won't get to talk to Seth for a whole 5 days!!! I think we'll be ok though.

I know of this couple who make me some what sick. They haven't even known each other that long and they are already engaged... and they are doing long distance!... jealous? Maybe. It's just hard but I know our waiting will one day be worth it. Like say in 4 months!!! AHHH I'm so excited that Seth will finally be moving here. Just to have that person who knows me so well and to enjoy life with them... excited is not even close to how I feel. A little anxious too but it will all work out.

Ok so back to the Canada thing. I'll try to take LOADS of pics and share them with you when I return.

Until then.....