Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's a long one. Be ready to read...

Ok... let's look at a few points before I start talking...

1) I've always struggled with my weight. Mainly since I was 13.

2) I've been up and down. Down usually after a break up... which is basically cause I didn't eat anything. Stupid boys! :)

3) I have been working out and eating healthy for over 6 months now and nothing has changed. When I say nothing, I mean NOTHING. This broke me and I felt so helpless.

I was at my breaking point, my last breaking point. So, I decided to see a Dr. that my friend recommended. He's a chiropractor as well as a nutritionist. I was not sure at first because insurance does not cover anything and lets just say its not cheap. Plus, I was mad. Why did I really have to go to a specialist, why wasn't working out and eating healthy good enough!! I had to look past that though and so far I've been amazed at what he's found out. Not to mention the crazy stuff he shows me that the human body does! It's really unbelievable.

So a lot of blood work and tests were done and as of right now I'm on what is called a "rotation diet". I am still in the early stages, as I've only seen him twice. One of the main tests I took was a food sensitivity test that showed me what foods my body was sensitive to (which is different from being allergic to). Who would have thought among those foods would be broccoli, chocolate, and strawberries!? Other main foods I have to cut out completely is anything that has yeast or sugar in it. There are a whole bunch of other stuff but that's the main ones...oh and dairy! Which, is heartbreaking. Let's just say, it's not going to be easy, but I am more determined than ever. Plus, I love the fact that this rotation diet I'm on has been made just for me. No more second guessing.

Oh and so you know - a rotation diet is a nutritious eating program that takes planning based on the elimination of reactive foods. It provides food suggestions for each day in a four-day cycle. Rotating and diversifying your food intake can prevent the development of other food sensitivities. Food sensitivity is often a result of repetitive eating. In both adults and children, wheat, milk, corn, eggs and citrus fruits are typical offenders.

I have a four day meal plan. Each day I have a list of foods I can choose from. Some days are not fun because there is basically NOTHING to eat, other days, I can have potatoes, rice and all that "GOOD STUFF - blah". What I have to remember is that foods that have been taken away can be introduced back into my diet. However, that doesn't mean I can go back to eating a doughnut here and there or bread all the time. Being that I have a yeast overgrowth, I need to stop feeding it and break the habit. This is a life changing event for me. I only want to do this once, spend the money and learn all I can... ONCE. I want to get on a path that doesn't lead to a dead end. It's not going to be easy and to be honest I've done this before but I am more determined than ever! Plus, I have more accountability as well.

So, I am already back to day one (already did the first 4) and I have to keep thinking positive thoughts. It's hard to see the end right now and because of that I am just focusing on day to day.

Here is my goal. To be healthy. I know I won't be on this rotation forever but the knowledge I'm gaining WILL last forever. Never would I have known the importance of "labels" and what certain foods do to a person. I want to treat this like school. I want to learn so much and act upon it. I can see one day becoming a nutritionist and helping those who feel the same way I felt weeks ago. Wouldn't that be awesome?

So yeah, there is my story. I know its kind of long and I probably forgot some points but I think you know what I'm say and where I am going. Valerie, my friend who did this as well, has already warned me that I will most likely cry and that it's OK! The enemy will not win this one. I'm ready for a new life and I'm excited to see where it's going to lead me. I'm sure I'll post more about this as time goes on and as Dr. Heath finds out more information. If you think about me, say a prayer, I want this to be the last time I ever face this. I will take the hold off of my life that the enemy has enjoyed having for so long!

I will!


  1. i sympathize with you so much because I am in the same darn boat. it seems like i have to starve myself to lose 3 lbs, and then the first day i eat normally again, i gain it all back and then some. my body has never betrayed me so badly before having the baby. the something screwed up, i tell you.

    if i had the money, i would definitely visit that doctor. it's cool that you get to take these tests and learn this information about yourself. information that regular doctors don't take the time to tell you (what a shame). i need to cut back on my sugar intake as well. don't miss that stupid donut, we as an american society eat too much darn sugar and bread anyway. i don't think it's wrong to eat (in moderation) but i think as a nation we have gone overboard and we're not doing what God intended.
    why would he make all of these natural foods that grow from the earth if He didn't intend for us to eat them??
    just as usual, many times when man manipulates something, he ends up screwing it up. like morphing the simple apple into an apple pie. do you know what i mean? just leave the apple alone 9/10 and you're way better off.

    oh to be what i once was...i would give almost anything i had away. i also have to find what my body needs and just do it every day. the trick is to not stop, but repeat repeat repeat. even when you think there are no results.

    sorry for all the thoughts. i just want you to know you do not fight this battle alone. nor in vain. and you CAN DO IT.

  2. Thanks Kris. Maybe the knowledge I will gain, I can in return help you! Love you and keep your head up. You can do it. Try rotating what you eat. If you find you eat something daily, try not eating it for 2-4 days before you eat it again. :o)

  3. shoo that's a tough one. like, how did you formulate the diet plan you're on? maybe i can try it with you.

  4. i really hope this works for you! i know it can be so frustrating and discouraging to feel like you're working hard and nothing's happening! :(

  5. Kris, I didn't formulate it. I had tests done and then the results dictate what I can and can not eat.

    Thanks Lani, I really hope this does the trick. It is hard though! I'm really determined so, I think its going to be great!!!