Saturday, July 4, 2009


I've been thinking and you tell me if I'm wrong...

When you place yourself in leadership, whether it be in a church or in a job, you are allowing others to scrutinize you. You are allowing them to hold you responsible for more things than normal. No one has forced you to take on this role. You knew the moment you took that next step, you would need to watch your actions, what you say, wear, dress more then ever before. Why, because you are allowing yourself to be held accountable in areas that most people would normally just look over and not care about.

The position is not easy, but you chose it, don't forget that part. Don't get mad or upset when people look at you different or criticize you more than others. You made the choice to be the leader you are. We are not perfect and we mess up, but if you hold that position, hold it with dignity. Know that your words and your actions need to reflect that of your "boss". This is no longer about YOU and YOUR feelings, it's bigger than that.

Note to self: Live each day as though you have stepped into a role of a leader. My boss will be reflected with honor and dignity and when I let him down, I will learn from my mistake and press on. The best thing about my boss is that He will never fire me. Lord, let me never take that for granted.


  1. i do agree that when you put yourself into a "leadership" role, you should be more on gaurd about your public appearance than others. the same goes with teachers. that being said, we should all be somewhat on gaurd. but God does hold a higher standard for the ones in charge. at least i think so.

    <3 you

  2. lol...isn't what you said, exactly what I said? ;o)

  3. preeeetty much, but i wanted to stop by and let you know someone else believes the same way.

  4. Thanks Kris! :) Love you!!

  5. i'm not sure where she saw it at :/ maybe it was in another state, a more cold one? or maybe i'm bind in the winter months. i'll ask her.